How much is my 2011 Mary Rose £2 coin worth?

2011 Mary Rose
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The 2011 Mary Rose design is the seventh rarest £2 coin in circulation and has a value of 2 pounds, but collectors of coins currently pay £5.03* to own this coin.

Actual prices achieved with depend on the condition of the coin and the means of selling. All price and value information displayed is based on recent eBay sold prices for the items listed as Mary Rose £2 coin. Note: Prices gathered will most likely be for a circulated example of the coin. Uncirculated, BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) or Proof coins would be expected to achieve higher prices.

Coin YearEntered CirculationActive Circulation*

Change Checking Chances: When receiving a £2 coin in your change you have about a 1 in 1309 chance of finding this design.

Do you have one to sell?: Recent sales of this coin on eBay achieved £4.71 to £5.14 based on a sample of 600 sold items, taking the mid price* and a 10% range of ordered prices. We recommend you read our £2 Coins Value Guide

Additional information about this coin:
Coin Name 2011 Mary Rose
Denomination £2
Details Marking the 500th Anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Mary Rose
In Circulation Yes
Edge Inscription YOUR NOBLEST SHIPPE 1511
Design By: John Bergdahl

Notes: Entered Circulation data from The Royal Mint website. *Active Circulation is an estimated figure based on an assumed year on year reduction in circulating coins.

The Coin and The History: The Mary Rose

The Mary Rose BU £2 Coin

What? : The Mary Rose is a carrack-type warship of the English Tudor navy built during the reign of King Henry VIII.

When? : The ship was launched in July 1511 and was in service for 34 years until it was sank during a battle on 19 July 1545.

Where? : Launched from it's homeport of Portsmouth, came to rest at the bottom of the Solent, north of the Isle of Wight.

Who? : The captain of the Mary Rose was Roger Grenville at the time she sank. The ships compliment was 200 sailors, 185 soldiers, and 30 gunners on-board. There were only around 34 survivors.

How? : Accounts from the French suggest that French galleys lured the English within range of their main fleet, and on calm waters used cannons to pound the English ships. They hit the Mary Rose which heeled over and sank. There are a number of other possible reasons, including wind during a turning manoeuvre and overloading. Find out more from Why did the Mary Rose sink?

Recovering the Mary Rose: After searching for the wreckage for 6 years, it was confirmed that the Mary Rose had been found on the 5th May 1971. After years of preparation work the remains of the ship were brought to the surface in 1982.

Where is she now?: At the Mary Rose Museum 400 metres from the main entrance to Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard.

What does the coin show? : The coin shows a side view of the Mary Rose at sea with flags flying in the wind.