How much is my Gunpowder Plot £2 coin worth?

Gunpowder Plot
The 2005 Gunpowder Plot design is the thirteenth rarest £2 coin in circulation and has a value of 2 pounds, but collectors of coins currently pay £3.00* to own this coin.

Change Checking Chances: When receiving a £2 coin in your change you have about a 1 in 376 chance of finding this design.
Coin Year Entered Circulation Active Circulation*
2005 5,140,500 905,963

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eBay sellers offer this circulation coin for sale. You should expect to pay between £2.80 and £3.49 plus postage. Take a look at current listings for sale on eBay: Gunpowder Plot £2 Coin

Do you have one to sell?: If you list your Gunpowder Plot coin on eBay, you can expect to receive £5.00 which includes an assumed postage charge of 2 pounds. If receiving payment by PayPal, total fees would be in the region of £0.67. Actual prices achieved when selling online will depend on the condition of the coin, the listing wording and coin images used. Some people also sell on coin related Facebook groups.

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All price and value information displayed is based on recent eBay sold prices (excluding delivery charge) for 200 items listed as Gunpowder Plot 2 coin. Prices gathered will most likely be for a circulated example of the coin. Uncirculated, BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) or Proof coins would be expected to achieve higher prices.

Additional Information about this coin:

Coin NameGunpowder Plot
Details400th anniversary of the Gunpowder Plot
In CirculationYes
Design By:Peter Forster

Page Notes: Entered Circulation data is from The Royal Mint website. *Active Circulation is an estimated figure based on an assumed year on year reduction in circulating coins. *Coin value is the mid point price based on eBay sold prices. Coin value range is based on a 10% range of ordered prices around the mid point.